Pricing and Reimbursement Systems Analysis

Pricing & Reimbursement in the CEE Region

INAR understands the vast MA potential that exists within the CEE region, which consists of more than twenty countries and a population of ca. 380 million (including Russia and Turkey). The approaches to granting public funding for drugs differ dramatically among countries of the CEE region, from:

  • ‘no submission and no HTA’ approach (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro), to
  • a comprehensive HTA with systematic review (Poland).

While there might be a sense of unpredictability for MA in the CEE region due to post-communist era transitioning, INAR ensures to guide clients through the potential outcomes and risks associated in the region.

We offer a solution to clearly and objectively identify the potential outcomes and associated risks. All the countries in the CEE region unanimously claim to respect the rule of law and legal certainty, therefore obeying the rule of “legitimate expectation” substantiated by the rule of equal treatment. We continuously monitor the decision-making practice in Poland and are continuously expanding monitoring activity to other CEE countries.