Pricing & Reimbursement Strategy

Pricing & Reimbursement Strategy Proposal

We prepare a P&R Strategy Proposal for a given country based on gathered information. Criteria which might be used for assessment of country markets includes:

  • General Market Overview
    • Population
    • GDP
    • Healthcare spending per capita
    • Local Currency
    • VAT on Pharmaceuticals
    • Example of recent appropriate product launch uptake
  • Pricing Overview
    • Ref Countries and pricing rules
    • Likely price achievable per product
    • Process
    • Timescale from submission to decision
  • Reimbursement Overview
    • Process/rules
    • Likely reimbursement achievable per product
    • HTA required/ type
    • Timescale from submission to decision
  • Disease Specific Criteria
    • Disease incidence/prevalence
    • Standard of care treatment in country/likely comparators, formally through HTA or informally
    • Competitors, launch and price/reimbursement
    • Number of relevant KOL/centres/treatment arrangements

INAR provides implementation support for accepted reimbursement strategies in countries chosen by the Company, including local partner identification.

Local Submission

If required, we will help prepare a dossiers for a Company’s application and manage the process from the application up to final success both legally and from a content-related perspective. For a more comprehensive view, this service can be broaden with the reimbursement dossier (HTA report).