Trainings and Workshops

We offer trainings and practical workshops customised to individual needs and requirements in the following fields:
  • Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
    • Definition and role of EBM in the health care sector
    • Formulation of a research question according to the PICOS scheme
    • Types of primary and secondary research
    • Methods of searching for and selection of primary and secondary research (including credibility assessment of the studies)
    • Randomised clinical trials (RCT)
    • Measures of effect size (EBM parameters)
  • HTA and Pharmacoeconomics
    • Introduction to HTA (definition, role and recipients of HTA)
    • Methodology of economic analysis (source of data, perspective, time horizon, discounting and modelling)
    • Types of pharmacoeconomic analyses (e.g. CMA, CEA, CUA, CCA)
    • Outcomes of pharmacoeconomic analyses and their impact on the health care system
  • Pricing (e.g. Value Based Pricing, Risk Sharing Schemes)
    • Setting drug price limit
    • Determining patient co-payment
    • Determining official selling prices
    • Value Based Pricing
    • Description of risk sharing mechanisms
  • Economic modelling and data aggregation
    • Basic statistical parameters
    • Construction and interpretation of survival curves
    • Meta-analysis as a basic tool for data synthesis
    • Network meta-analysis
    • Intermediate analysis: methodology and evaluation of credibility
    • Validation of surrogate endpoints

Within the trainings and workshops, we offer:

  • Support for high-level experts;
  • Seminar materials for each participant in printed and electronic form; and
  • Guarantees applicable in individual targeted offers of training courses and practical workshops.

We recommend our workshops and seminars to:

  • MA managers
  • Senior management groups/teams
  • Medical Boards
  • Clinicians and health professionals interested in EBM and HTA