Posters and Publications

Scientific Posters and Publications for Medical Journals

INAR provides the option to create professional graphic designs portraying scientific evidence, printed as images on high-quality material. We also submit results from reports to relevant scientific  and medical journals for publishing.

Scientific Poster – We create scientific posters that present data in a clear and transparent manner useful for scientific meetings and conferences. The Poster consists of an introduction, methodology, results, a thorough discussion and a list of previously published key articles. All text is kept to a minimum and analysed data is made transparent in the form of graphic diagrams, charts and tables.

Presentations – We prepare presentations of scientific data upon special request.

Publications – Our reports are developed with accuracy and in accordance with the methodological guidelines of individual medical journals, allowing results to be submitted for publishing.

INAR tackles complex issues in a creative and persuasive way. Throughout the project, we ensure flexibility of cooperation, customized and innovative approaches, and substantive consultations with experts and translators.