Mini-HTA for Hospitals in Europe

Mini-HTA: Local Decision-Making Support

INAR provides support for Mini-HTA, used for decision-making at the hospital level. The Mini-HTA is a tool used to conduct hospital-based health technology assessments (HTA) and supports decision-making for management at a given hospital centre. As part of the Mini-HTA, we identify reliable scientific evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the product while taking into account the perspective of the hospital along with the local financial setting and limited resources. The Mini-HTA provides an analysis aiming to meet high standards and patient well-being within the realm of a hospital’s economic and organisational conditions.

From a hospital’s perspective, the key advantages of carrying out a hospital-level HTA include:

  • Defining quality criteria for tenders, taking into account cost-effectiveness from the perspective of the hospital (based on reliable scientific evidence),
  • Optimization of granting benefits,
  •  Support in managerial decisions,
  • Decision-making capacity at the local or unit level, which are usually financed by smaller budgets,
  • Rational decision-making whenever applicable from the point of view of the service provider,
  • Analytically focused on fulfilling high standards and patient well-being, while taking into account the economic and organisational conditions of the hospital,
  • High flexibility and adaptability to local conditions in which healthcare providers operate.

Mini-HTAs may be used by clinical staff to present an analysis to those responsible for shaping a hospital’s policies (i.e. medical directors, physicians, specialists, administration staff) to assess the health benefits of using a drug or medical device (supported by credible clinical evidence) and its financial implications to the budget of a given unit.

We offer the option to supplement the Mini-HTA with a an easy-to-use calculator that allows users to manually enter key data based on a centre’s specific medical resources and costs (Economic Modelling for Budget Impact Analysis). Additionally, we provide a manual for using the calculator and a training on its uses.

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