Pricing and Reimbursement Potential Overview

CEE Pricing & Reimbursement Potential Overview

Before launching new products, pharmaceutical companies should have selected intended countries and their markets. Our service, CEE Pricing & Reimbursement Potential Overview, allows pharmaceutical companies to make this assessment for a given drug.

While preparing the P&R Potential Overview, our specialists identify CEE countries with the highest potential for a given drug. Preparation of P&R overview takes the following into account:

  • Current method of disease management and the use of use of a given drug:
    • Number of patients receiving a specific drug;
    • KOL mapping (who are the key clinicians);
    • Patient pathways, guidelines and funding mechanisms;
    • Drug pricing and reimbursement process and timelines;
    • Likelihood of achieving an average European list price;
    • Opportunities to supply the evaluated drug on a Named Patient Programme (NPP) basis.

The results of a P&R Potential Overview analysis may include a similar chart, showing rankings:

Pricing and Reimbursement Potential Overview

During the preparation of P&R Potential Overview, Company preferences are taken into account and also decide which parameters to include in the analysis and their weights. An example of parameter weights used in P&R Potential Overview documents is presented below:

Weights for the parameters

After selection of intended countries, we prepare a detailed P&R Potential Analysis for a given drug by working closely with our clients to choose the appropriate public funding mode and conditions, including price for balancing business requirements and willingness to pay by the decision maker. For a more comprehensive view, the P&R service can be supplemented with a reimbursement dossier feasibility study.