At INAR, we are proud to have over a decade of experience specialising in HTA services in Europe. In the past five years alone, we have completed 250 HTA dossiers, all having been validated by the appropriate regulatory bodies. As a strategic partner of LASER ANALYTICA, which consists of professionals in the US, France, Germany, Spain and the UK, our team of researchers at INAR provides support for about 30 international projects each year. Our support on projects comprises private companies and foreign public organizations (including EFSA) for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in numerous therapeutic areas. Our many years of experience providing HTA support in Europe has equipped us with comprehensive knowledge to undertake the most complex cases for HTA and Market Access needs.

With an extensive understanding of global healthcare trends and requirements, we offer quality support throughout the entire reimbursement process, helping businesses reach their specified objectives and goals. Our vast experience in different sectors of healthcare, extensive network of local experts throughout Europe and excellent analytical skills separate us from other companies operating in the field of HTA. Furthermore, we offer a fully integrated approach to Market Access that includes support in the realm of value and access, evidence synthesis and evidence generation.

Central and Eastern Europe

We collaborate with a network of local experts, which is composed of reimbursement professionals from 25 countries in the CEE region, including Greece and Turkey. Local experts are a valuable source of information and possess necessary expertise to carry out a variety of projects related to HTA and Market Access. Such a network of local experts sets us apart from other service providers in the HTA field, where not only HTA experience is required, but also knowledge of local language and information concerning Market Access.

INAR has completed many multi-country and multi-drug projects throughout the CEE region. Our experience encompasses carrying out projects in the realm of P&R system reports, Market Access strategy proposals, local submissions, international systematic literature reviews, multi-language RWE e-survey platform, and more.

Diverse Projects

We have extensive experience in many therapeutic areas

To learn more about our experience in Europe, contact us directly at development@inar.pl or call us at +48 669 774 776 / +48 669 322 632