Systematic and Targeted Reviews

Systematic reviews guarantee access to information

High-quality scientific evidence is crucial for supporting MA-related decision making at each stage of a product’s life cycle. Systematic reviews and targeted literature reviews provide access to clear and fundamental information needed for strategic decisions relating to the next steps of a drug included in Company’s portfolio. We prepare classic systematic reviews that are compliant with international guidelines, as well as targeted reviews that include rapid reviews or reviews on a subject of interest.

The subject of systematic and targeted reviews is very broad and tailored to specified needs. These reviews may be used to evaluate clinical efficacy and safety, market landscape, an epidemiological study, unmet needs, as well as providing a review of economic evaluations or burden of disease.

In order to develop a review tailored to a Company’s specific needs, it is essential to determine the scope of work, including:

  • The purpose and goal of review;
  • Review type – systematic or targeted;
  • Sources of data searched: medical databases, websites of the HTA agencies, Google search, etc.;
  • Time period covered by search;
  • Language of included publications;
  • Type of included studies;
  • Region of publications covered by search.

Characteristics of identified studies with data for extraction are prepared in the form of a description or a tabular statement within a Word document, or as an extraction database in the form of MS Excel.

Systematic Reviews