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16 March 2018

Arcana Institute on Indirect Costs of Disease at the Health Challenges Congress

3rd Health Challenges Congress (HCC) 2018 Dr. Jacek Walczak, President of Arcana Institute, recently participated in the 3rd Health Challenges Congress in Katowice, Poland on 8-10 March 2018. During a  more...
14 March 2018

Analysis of the Reimbursement Decision-Making Practice in Poland (March 2018)

The latest results of the periodic Analysis of the Reimbursement Decision-Making Practice of AHTAPol and the Minister of Health The results include the notice of the Minister of Health from 26 February  more...
1 February 2018

INAR Approach to Validation of Surrogate Endpoints

Our Findings Help Inform You on Next Step Decision-Making and Planning for Your Drug or Medical Device Our Approach Information from the validation of surrogate endpoints is used for decision-making at  more...

Instytut Arcana – why us?

With over a decade of experience, in the past five years alone we have completed 250 HTA dossiers throughout CEE countries, all validated by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Our researchers are experienced in working on international projects in cooperation with our LASER partners from the US, France, Germany, Span and the UK. Every year we participate in about 30 projects carried out for both international companies and foreign public organizations (such as EFSA).

Our understanding of global healthcare trends and requirements enable us to offer full support through the entire reimbursement process to our business partners, which help them reach their business objectives as well as their sustainable goals.

Wide experience in different health care systems and excellent analytical potential which distinguish us from other companies operating in the field of health technology assessment.


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