Wyroby Medyczne

Publikacje są związane z projektami, które Instytut Arcana realizował w obszarach wyrobów medycznych oraz diagnostyki.

Instytut Arcana:
Cost-effectiveness of postpartum perineal repaire with vicryl rapide and catgut. Walczak J, Skrobacka D, Laczynska M, Wojtowicz E, Nizankowski R, Broda M, Robak A – 19th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care – June 2003 – Canmore, Canada
Economic model for purchasing of the different type of prostheses used in primary THR and TKR in Poland. 6th Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology – June 2003 – Helsinki
Comparison of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness different type of prostheses which are currently used in Poland in primary total hip and knee replacement. 18th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care – June 2002 – Berlin
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Assessment of clinical effectiveness of intrathecal, subarachnoid baclofen infusion in the treatment of spasticity – systematic literature review. Walczak J, Jóźwiak M, Chmiel M, Kowalska M, Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 1/2012
Extracorporeal photopheresis (THERAKOS™ Photopheresis) for the treatment of patients with acute or chronic graft versus host disease (GVHD), refractory to corticosteroids – a systematic review ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress – November 2012, Berlin
Cost-effectiveness analysis of extracorporeal photopheresis (procedure Therakos™) in the treatment of patients with steroid refractory graft versus host disease ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress – November 2012, Berlin
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Laser Analytica:

The AHRQ’s “Methods for Insulin Delivery and Glucose Monitoring: Comparative Effectiveness” results revisited regarding randomized trials comparing real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rt-CGM) versus Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) stratified for different insulin delivery modes. Berndt K, Neeser K, Merkel AK, Schrank L, Gelchsheimer U, Schlaeger C, Mast O, June 17, 2014: HTAi 11th annual meeting, Washington DC
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HTA Report about the cost of ablation of atrial fibrillation, done in collaboration and for the Italian Society of Cardiostimulation. Themistoclakis S, Tritto M, Bertaglia E, Berto P, Bongiorni MG, Catanzariti D, De Fabrizio G, De Ponti R, Grimaldi M, Pandozi C, Tondo C, Gulizia M.: Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: Health Technology Assessment Report from the Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiac Pacing (AIAC)]. G Ital Cardiol (Rome). 2011 Nov;12(11):726-76. doi: 10.1714/966.10545
Retrospective analysis of the cost of OPEN versus Laparoscopic surgery in 90 patients with colorectal cancer from 3 Centres in Italy and shows that both types of surgery are not adequately funded by the DRG tariff. Berto P, Lopatriello S, Aiello A, Corcione F, Spinoglio G, Trapani V, Melotti G. Cost of laparoscopy and laparotomy in the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer. Surg Endosc. 2011 Dec 17
Cost-effectiveness analysis for Toraymixin (a polymixin-B column to be used in severe sepsis patients) using the data from a clinical study published in JAMA. Berto P, Ronco C, Cruz D, Melotti RM, Antonelli M.: Cost-effectiveness analysis of polymyxin-B immobilized fiber column and conventional medical therapy in the management of abdominal septic shock in Italy. Blood Purif. 2011;32(4):331-40. doi: 10.1159/ 000333826. Epub 2011 Nov 11.